In 1995, a select group formed a company, specializing in the field of New Media Design, borne from the desire and passion to do great work — and only great work. A name was chosen to accurately represent the level of expertise, professionalism and quality of work that would come from such a vision — Flagship Imagery.

Businesses today experience fierce competition and need to know they can rely on their design studio of choice. Developing this trust has been the foundation of Flagship Imagery. We have achieved this goal through development of a successful production system, based on the problem-solving theory of Aristotle:

1. Get the facts
2. Analyze the facts
3. Arrive at a decision
4. Act on that decision

A Project Web Site will be designed that will help your project stay organized and on track. Components of your Project Web Site consists of a timeline, flow chart (site hierarchy) and visual treatments. This is a very useful communication tool that is accessible 24 hours-a-day via the Web.

Our process involves a 3-phased approach:

Client Business Research
This is the first step toward a successful interactive design project. Here, we meet with your project team to discuss details about your company, short and long term goals, philosophy, target market(s), etc. Gathering this information educates our creative group so they become an extension of your company's marketing efforts. Details regarding corporate identity, including printed collateral, font usage and color palettes, will be discussed/collected at this time. A Q&A session will be held from which the project "Look and Feel" will be established.

Project Goals
Determining project goals are important from the outset so both teams are communicating at the same level and working toward the same outcome.


Determining the proper Graphical User Interface (GUI) will provide a pleasing visual experience and aid the user in quickly accessing information.

Flow Chart
Also known as the site hierarchy, this document provides a visual reference of the multiple levels in the site and how each page interrelates.

A list of components including body copy, photographs, illustrations, charts, etc., will be assembled and deliverable dates assigned for collection/development to team members in both parties.

Technical Utility
Functionalities such as CGI programming, database, E-commerce, etc., are considered for integration.

The project timeline will serve as a guide that provides landmarks for deliverables by both teams.

Creative Team Meeting

From this brainstorm session, two treatments will be created — one representing the Entry Level page (Home Page) and one representing the Primary Sub-Level page. These two images will be uploaded to the Project Web Site for review by client.

Client Creative Review - #1
Flagship Imagery will meet with your team to discuss the two visual treatments. First-round modifications of the two treatments will be edited per client requests and posted for comparison with initial treatments.

Client Creative Review - #2
Second-round modifications to the two comps will be rendered per client requests and posted for review. All content should be delivered for implementation by point.

Client Creative Review - #3
Third-round modifications, including minor graphical/layout changes, copy edits and functionality testing will be rendered per client requests and posted for client review. This stage involves assembly of all components completing the final build-out of the project.

Final Review
Project is edited and uploaded for final review. A written signature on the Flagship Imagery Approval Form will indicate client approval and project completion.

Project Launch!
All project files are delivered to client.